At Groove Disco, we don’t believe in just putting something in that will get us away for the night, we believe in using only state of the art well maintained disco equipment to produce a professional show of light and sound which is guaranteed to impress.
And in on the off chance that anything could go wrong which nobody ever wants we always have back up equipment at the drop of a hat that can be called upon to minimise any disruption to your night of entertainment. Also unlike other discos we don’t boast about all our equipment everywhere we get the opportunity.
We are proud of our equipment and believe that it is not just the equipment alone that gives you a good night it is the DJ as well so everything comes together.

We use DMX intelligent lighting, which with one of our pre-determined programs or controlled by the DJ, fills the room with a spectacle of moving lights which creates a fantastic atmosphere in the room, enticing your guests to the dance floor.
This awe-inspiring light show is enhanced by a smoke effects (where allowed by venues which are less and less these days), which really creates a party atmosphere.
Our sound system is by no means less impressive. Our smallest sound system which fills the room with crystal clear sound is 1000 watts right up to our largest system which can give you up to 5000 watts of crystal clear sound which does justice to the quality hits that we play, the average system we use is 2000 watts.
For bigger venues and outside we can combine sound systems which all match to give you an unbelievable 10,000 watts of crystal clear stereo sound.

As well as the PA side we use all top of the range equipment from Denon, Cloud, Behringer, Alesis and Crown ranging from the DN4500 dual CD players which can also play Mp3s, Denon DN-HD4500 which is used to control the DJs Laptop, the Denon MX500 or Cloud 1200 Mix Desk as well as all rigs having graphic equalisers to complement the sound.

We use digital music systems as well as the traditional CD players which gives us fantastic flexibility.
The introduction of our digital audio system has allowed us to expand our music library greatly, and allows us to quickly find requested tracks.
All of our DJs now use laptops as well as CDs so the chance of any of us not having a requested track has been diminished, with our online database we just about every music track you could think of.
All of our digital music is stored on the DJs individual laptop and we have a backup drive which all can access in the event of them not having something or the system they are using going down in any way shape or form, all the music we have is stored digitally in Mp3 format at very high bit rates as well as in WAV form in our studio so that no sound quality is lost.

All of our equipment is PAT tested annually for electrical Safety to ensure the safety of our staff, the venues you and ultimately your guests, as well as regularly serviced and repaired quickly by our very own engineers.
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