Equipment Hire

PA and Equipment Hire
Groove Disco has been providing high quality PA and Lighting hire to Scunthorpe for many years. 
Our PA hire and sound equipment hire department consists of only tried and tested name brand sound equipment to ensure quality, reliability and reputability for the most discerning of professional sound reinforcement clients.

We offer a wide selection of choice when hiring a PA or Lighting system. You can hire a full system to suit your specific requirements or rent a single piece of equipment to complete an existing PA or Lighting system.

We can provide a wide range of audio equipment for almost any function.

We are experienced at putting high quality gigs on in Scunthorpe.
What ever the size of your venue, from a few people at a small pub gig to hundreds at a large outdoor venue we can provide the perfect system for a great show.

We can provide whatever support you require,if you just want dry PA or Lighting hire at a competitive price.
How ever if you feel more comfortable with us looking after the equipment you have hired then we will supply one of our trained Sound or Lighting engineers to come along and handle the whole event for you.
We can deliver the equipment, set it up and provide full technical support throughout the event.

We offer a lot more than just PA or LIGHTING System hire.
Groove can provide you with, sound reinforcement for bands, CD decks and mixers, microphones and cables.
We even have towers for those outside events where you need height to cover large open areas and if no power is available we can even supply a generator to provide power for the equipment.
Just ask us for a quote for the equipment you require and we will get back with a highly competitive price.

Dry Hire

Our equipment is delivered, installed and ready to go for you, we even collect the equipment when you have finished with it so you don't have to do a thing other than use it.
Alternatively you can collect the equipment yourself and return it afterwards.

Experienced Sound Engineers

 Our experienced Sound Engineers are available for you, either to advise on the best sound design sound equipment for your event, or to deliver, set up and operate the appropriate sound or PA system for your needs.

The Sound Equipment

    Speaker - Passive Cabinets loaded with either Fane, RCF or Precision Devices Drivers
    Desks and Mixers - Cloud or Denon
    Microphones - Shure or Sennhiser
    Amplifiers - Cloud, Crown, Matrix and Peavy
    CD Players - Denon
Equalizers and Crossovers - Behringer

For all the best in Sound equipment and PA Hire, Groove Disco can help please contact us on

01724 864894

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