What We Do

What We Do

With nearly 50 years experience in the mobile DJ industry, we are well placed to advise you not only on the music at your event but on a wide range of additional services that most DJs have never even considered.
The cost of these services depends on various factors, and to explore all the options it really is best that we meet face-to-face to define exactly what it is that you need for your special day. Once that's done, we can tailor our work, very personally, to you.
Contact us to see what we can do for you. In the meantime, here's a very brief rundown of the services we offer.
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It's not just about the dancefloor, of course.
Throughout your wedding day, birthday party, charity ball or special occasion, specific pieces of music may well be required in more places than you think; entrances, poignant moments, before a speech or presentation.
We have extensive experience tailoring a wide range of musical styles to each of these occasions.

We do not just supply a disco with a  DJ, we can  also supply  a fully qualified MC.
We can do all the planning and preparation for every wedding down to tiny details.
We co-ordinate with the other suppliers and ensure that the day runs smoothly and try to take the stress from the bride and bridegroom as much as possible.

Specialist lighting systems can add liveliness and energy to your party, with advanced technology allowing us to control the speed, pattern, colour and direction of the lights.
This means we can always tailor the feel to suit the occasion.
Alternatively, you may prefer the simple use of mood lighting to enhance the natural ambience of the venue.
It's up to you - we offer packages covering all preferences.

A spectacular-looking dancefloor can provide a stunning centrepiece to your event. Prices vary according to size and materials, of course, but we'd be happy to take you through the various options when we meet. In the past we have provided black or white starlight floors, black-and-white chequered floors and retro LED floors
(à la Saturday Night Fever).


These are another straightforward way of enhancing the look of a room, placed for example behind the head table, behind the DJ or even subtly positioned to cover an unsightly feature in the venue such as an unused serving hatch.
Backdrops we have previously provided include black star-cloths and white/ivory starlight curtains.
Again, further details are available on request.

Chairs can be quite plain in real terms.
We can supply you with chair covers which are placed over a normal chair to make the room look even nicer.
You can have white or coloured and different colour sashes round the back rest of the chair.
You can even have a sash across the table itself.

Flowers and table décor are the ultimate for functions especially weddings.
Again, further details are available on request.
If you are looking at something different to a function room or pub back room, we can supply a marquee which is available for hire, prices depend on size, the ground it is erected on etc.,
Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

If you are planning a function whether a birthday, wedding or a charity ball at very short notice or have been let down at the last minute, please do drop us a line as we may be able to help.
Whether it's sourcing any of the aforementioned services (backdrops, lighting, dancefloors etc) or stepping in to fill the place of an unreliable DJ who has dropped out unexpectedly, we're on hand to make sure your day goes ahead as planned.
Even if we are not available ourselves, we know many excellent DJs to whom we can refer you.
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Through our sister company Steelhows Ltd we also are able to book singers and bands for you from soul groups, jazz bands, tribute acts or even magicians and casinos.
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All the way along, if there's anything you're unsure of regarding the services listed above (or indeed any other aspect of your function), just ask.

Chances are, we will have the answer.
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