Frequently Asked Questions
There are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) which we are frequently asked about discos before and after we have been booked which I have tried to answer here.
If you have any questions which are not answered here, please give us a call or dropuse an email and we will be glad to answer them for you.
How Much do You Charge

We'd love to answer this question online as we realize a lot of people would like to know the fee before having to contact us for a quote. However the price depends on a number of things, the location, the times, access to the venue, the size of the venue and the equipment required so every event has to be charged based on these factors.
Anyone can set-up a mobile DJ business, buy some audio equipment from a high street store, download a few songs from the internet and set up a website and then call themselves a DJ. However finding a good DJ is a whole different ball game; as with most things in life, you only get what you pay for. We're certainly not the cheapest Mobile Disco in the market, but we're definitely good value for money, we have professional quality sound and light equipment; We're a member of the NADJ and have a DJMark Award, which means I’m certified as being of a high standard and also very importantly confirming the fact we're Insured and Legal to provide Mobile DJ services. Every function/event is different depending on your requirements, please feel free to contact us to discuss these and allow us to quote for our professional services.

Do you charge VAT

No, we do not charge VAT so there are no hidden charges.
The Price we give you is the price you pay unless you decide to add more to your package after we have given you your price.

Do you carry electrical safety (PAT) certification and Public Liability Insurance

These Days PAT Testing and Public Liability Certificates are a requirement at almost all venues, We are indeed covered by £10 million public liability insurance.
To further validate this, we adhere to full electrical safety compliance with regular portable appliance testing (PAT).
Your safety, along with your guests, the venue and their staff is an aspect we take very seriously.
In the same way a lorry driver must ensure his vehicle is safe and roadworthy each day, a DJ or mobile disco should take the same responsibility when using electrical equipment in public.
Furthermore we are extremely vigilant in keeping everything in safe and working condition through regular maintenance and visual checks at each event.
No expense is spared in using the best quality cables, plugs, extension leads and connectors throughout for maximum reliability.
All equipment is set up in a neat, tidy and safe manner.
Risk assessments and method statements are always carried out and supporting documentation is always available on request.

What happens if your equipment breaks down on the night

For your peace of mind, we carry back up music in case the DJ's laptop goes down.
We use passive speakers with separate amplifiers, so in case sound goes down we have spear amps so that we can swap over and continue the night.
In the unlikely event that a speaker go down each rig has 4 speakers so there are plenty to finish the night off.

Can we have a written Contract

Definitely, we always send clients a contract stating the dates, times, fee, location and event type.
In fact we require a contract to be signed by both parties, this not only covers you but ourselves as well.
Any professional should provide you with a written contract, beware of any DJ’s that don’t offer you one.

Do you provide any other services for my event/Function

Yes, we through our sister company Steelhows Ltd we can organize Bands, Singers, MC’s and Club DJ’s and we can arrange for these to make appearances at your function. We also have contacts for PhotoBooth suppliers, Dance Floor suppliers, Cake makers, Photographers and Wedding Make up artists, venue decorators, and more more so we can happily organize this for you or give you their details for you to contact direct.

Can We Meet You

We actively encourage this.
You’re very welcome to meet with me before booking, to ensure that we're the right fit for you. Whether you choose to meet before you book or not, we will contact about 6 weeks prior to your function to see if you would like to arrange a meeting to go through the final planning of your function or wedding, including a planning session to go through all of the finer details to ensure the night runs smoothly.

Can We See You Performoing Prior to us Booking You

Occasionally, we do perform at public events such as pubs, bars and hotels.
You are more than welcome to drop by for a sneek preview.
Details of such events are posted on our Facebook page.
Since we thoroughly resepect the privacy of all our clients, we would not be able to allow you to come to one of their functions.
After all you wouldn't want any one to come to your function who is not invited.

May We obtain references from previous clients

In addition to the genuine feedback published which you yourself can also supply once we have completed your booking, references are available when required.
Contact details are only given with a client’s consent in view of privacy.

How Far Will You Travel

Any distance is the simple answer.
We would be glad to quote for travelling to any venue of your choice with any additional distance and costs being charged accordingly.
If it is over a certain mialege then accommodation for the night will also be factored into the price quoted.

So What Happens Next

Once you have expressed an interest to book us for your Event or Function, we will go through our booking process to get you booked in on our system.

Do We need to pay a deposit

Yes, we ask for a specified deposit amount which is show on your contract. This is a non-refundable reservation fee which is required to secure the booking.

How Do We Pay

After the Deposit has been paid you can take as much time to pay the balance as you wish, all we ask is that the final balance on your account must be paid in full 14 days before your event.
This can be paid in a number of ways, all at once or spread out over a period of time.
Payments can be made by many different means: By bank transfer, Bacs, Direct Debit, Standing Order, Debit/Credit Card, Cash or Cheque.
Account details can be found on your booking contract.

What Music do You Play

We always play the music you love; the music your guests will like, along with the wedding disco classics too.
We invest a great deal of time compiling and developing the perfect wedding set - many hours for each wedding or function.
We also give you your online planning account so that you can make a list of what you want, would like and don't want as well as requests and dedications and those all important First Dances for your wedding.

Our First Dance is Obscure Have You Got it

Probably as our music library is huge, but we will ALWAYS get hold of any special track for you.
If we find it impossible to find then we will let you know and only then ask you to bring it on a CD.

Can We Provide Specific Music to be Played

We will gladly play anything you provide on CD or USB memory stick as long as it is suitable and does not contain any swearing etc. Supported formats are MP3, WAV, WMA and of course, CD! Lossless formats or bitrates of 256KBPS or more with a sample rate of 44100khz are preferred.

Can We Make Requests on the Night

Yes, we will be very happy to take requests on the night from you and your guests as long as they are not rude or contain bad language in the songs.
We will however play to the dance floor and using our skills we will choose what is best for your overall success of the night.

Can We connect our iPod or laptop to your equipmen

Although We allow this during the day for you to play music at the reception of your wedding and a cable can be provided for connecting as long as we have one for your item. Smartphones should be set to Airplane Mode to avoid any interruptions caused by incoming calls, texts or emails.
This service is only available if you pay for an early installation and have someone who is competent in using the equipment.
Smartphones are not suitable for use during the main DJ set and requests are limited to the main music library.

There will be an additional entertainer performing at our event. Can they perform through your equipment

We will always endeavor to fully integrate with other entertainers. For example, We will gladly assist a children’s entertainer by playing their music whilst they keep the kids happy.
We can provide a microphone and play any backing music if required.
In most cases singers and band will generally bring their own equipment and also prefer to use their own equipment.
We strongly advise you discuss this with your entertainer beforehand.
We like to liaise with all other entertainers prior to your event, ensuring our performances work seamlessly together on the night!
If it is decided that they don't bring their own gear and go through ours there will be an extra charge to cover this.

. What time do you arrive and how long is the set-up?
A. Normally I arrive at your venue 2 hours before your disco is due to begin. My standard set-up time is 1 hour. I will always liase with your venue manager or wedding planner prior to the event.

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